Posted by: Murray Gordon | March 10, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Backward Compatibility

The big question from all the software developers I work with has been “What is the developer experience moving forward with Windows Phone?”


Bottomline: What is the Windows Phone 7 Backward Compatibility story?

Here’s a link that describes what most of the articles out there have stated:

Based on all those articles, one would realistically conclude that an app written for WM7 will only run on WM7, and apps written for prior versions of Windows Mobile will also not run on WM7.

Charlie Kindel recently wrote about this on his blog:

His short answer was Yes.

Here’s some the relevant bits from the post:

“For us, the cost of going from good to great is a clean break from the past. To enable the fantastic user experiences you’ve seen in the Windows Phone 7 Series demos so far we’ve had to break from the past. To deliver what developers expect in the developer platform we’ve had to change how phone apps were written. One result of this is previous Windows mobile applications will not run on Windows Phone 7 Series.”

“To be clear, we will continue to work with our partners to deliver new devices based on Windows Mobile 6.5 and will support those products for many years to come, so it’s not as though one line ends as soon as the other begins.”

“The expertise and familiarity with our tools is not lost. If you are a .NET developer today your skills and much of your code will move forward. If you are Silverlight or XNA developer today you’re gonna be really happy. New developers to the platform will find a cohesive, well designed API set with super productive tools.”

Great post from Charlie and great content around the backward compatibility story for Windows Phone 7.

Thanks for checking out this post!


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